Overview of the services we offer.

Lisa's Loan & Bill Payments is a small service oriented business looking to support the Thompson and Spanish Town community. we offer bill payment services along with Auto Parts and Accessories. We also offer small Loans to help with making ends meet when you are in a crunch.

From Utility bills, for example, Jamaica public Service (JPS) and National Water Commission (NWC) bills to Digicel and Flow and a few tax office services that can be paid outside of the tax office.

Have a look at our services..... You'll see something you like: (Loans & Bill Payments)

If you are in need of Auto Parts and Accessories or Supplies, maybe we can help you. Call or email us to see if we can help you get back on the road. (Auto Parts & Supplies)

Sometimes it is difficult to make ends meet. Sometimes we need a little help to help get some things done.

We offer small loans with reasonable payment schedules to help you get over life's challenges.

Come and talk to us and see if we can work something out. (Loans & Bill Payments)

Call us or email us to see of we can be of service to you. (Loans & Bill Payments) (Auto Parts & Supplies)